Spectral Gold- Buyers & Refiners of scrap gold

Gold Buying is a competitive and risky business.  We have created a business that helps you increase your profits from your gold buying.  We come to your store, weigh, and analyze your gold right in front of you.  We immediately pay you top dollar for your scrap karat gold.  We use sophisticated analysis to identify how much gold there is in your scrap jewelry and take any guess work out of the mix.  We use accurate standards to calibrate our equipment and give you a print out showing you how much gold was present in your scrap jewelry.


In the coming weeks we would be pleased to meet you in person and show you our capabilities and assure you of how we can help you improve your cash flow and increase your profits.

Scrap Karat Gold

Our services

Spectral Gold LLC has been in business since 2010 and started with a unique business model to buying & selling scrap jewelry.  We started with a fully equiped lab on wheels and visited customers in the state of Michigan at their stores.  We settled our equipment into a new location 3 years ago but kept the personal visits to the loyal customers who liked our service and integrity.  


Some of these customers send us their scrap and others visit, while the vast majority enjoy our visit to their facilities where they give us their scrap and we melt, anaylize and pay them. 

Key Features

  • You deal with the refinery directly
  • We come to your store
  • Fast, accurate, & honest transactions
  • XRF state of the art analysis of difficult materials
  • Dental gold, palladium, and silver refining
We value our reputation for fast, accurate, and honest transactions and fast flexible settlements.

Our services are unique in this industry.  We eliminate the middle man and come directly to your site. You can be assured of a fast, accurate, and honest transaction.  


We pay based on the spot gold price of the day we sell our gold.


We partner with a jewler who has been in business for over 30 yrs.  We offer you over 80 yrs of combined experience in the custom fine jewelry business, diamond buying and selling, and chemical and analytical services.  


We offer expert services, responsiveness, integrity, and we come to you. Let us demonstrate how this approach can make your business of gold buying and selling a safer and more profitable one.